Past Incident Notification: queued requests SG cloud service.
Incident Report for uniFLOW Online
Incident details:

Operations were alerted to a minor queueing of requests via our telemetry and alerting.

Start Time:
Thursday the 3rd of August at 4:55AM UTC

End Time:
Thursday the 3rd of August at 5:20AM UTC

Approximately 25 minutes.

Incident Scope: 
Singapore Region Deployment

* At this time, we have not received any notification or reports from the field and raising this as an Information only notification.
* This impacted 1 out of 7 roles with a small percentage of overall requests affected across the deployment.
* The situation resolved itself with all recourse returned to optimal operation without intervention by operations.
* Logs have been collected during this time and will be investigation to improve our service and reduce such cases in the future.

Kind Regards
Online Operations Team
Posted Aug 03, 2023 - 06:17 UTC